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Playing NBA fantasy sports on a daily basis can be fun. But playing NBA daily fantasy can also be hard to win at. A lot can happen with lineups over the course of an 82-game season. Players can be injured, rested or even become “game time decisions”. Fielding a solid lineup right before lineup locks can be a challenge and requires fantasy players to stay on top of the latest news.

 Also, the average player will be up against fantasy professionals who use detailed analytics and multiple lineups to make it hard for non-professional players to take one of the top prizes, especially in large tournaments with big payouts.

 But there are some things you can do to increase your odds of success. Here are some basic rules of thumb that players should be aware of if they are serious about cashing on a regular basis when playing NBA daily fantasy.

 Pick the Right Stud(s)

A winning lineup is usually always going to contain at least one stud player. Sure, they cost a lot and limit how many other costly players you can add, but stud players such as Lebron James, Russell Westbrook and James Harden not only have a high floor, but they can also have a really high ceiling. But when there are multiple studs playing the same night, do some research to find the best one. For instance – Will the game be close? How many minutes are they expected to play? Do they have a lingering injury? Answering these questions should determine which stud is best for your lineup.

Find the Best Value

By spending up for a stud or two, you’ll need to find some value to stay under the salary cap. But to win, you’ll need some picks that can return value with the possibility of exceeding that value. A great place to look is at point guard. Finding a backup that takes over the starting job and is assured of getting good minutes can be a good pick because of the ability for them to not only get shots but also rack up some assists. Another good value pick is a backup center who is forced into action and has the ability to block shots. Even if they don’t score much, the rebounds and blocks can usually return value.

 Find Mid-Range Steady Performers

A key to any winning lineup is the ability to find those players that return value on almost a nightly basis. These are your plug and play guys that you may not exceed value by much, but won’t lose the contest for you either. These players are extremely valuable in cash game environments versus tournaments since players are less likely to take a flyer on a player who may or may not produce.

 So hopefully the next time you go to fill out your NBA Daily Fantasy lineup, you utilize a strategy that involves picking the right stud

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