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There are literally millions of people who partake in Fantasy Sports Betting in the United States and that find it a hobby they truly love. This time of year, fantasy football takes center stage as both the college and professional seasons are in full swing. While many players choose to draft their football teams at the beginning of the season and compete in a league against a group of friends or acquaintances, others may join through an online league to compete for prizes.

But for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on getting involved in Daily Fantasy Sports Betting. In the DFS world, not only can you create a fantasy football roster, but you can start fresh each week with an entirely different one. And you’re certainly not limited to just football. As I look at my Draftkings lobby right now, I can select from  the NFL, MLB, WNBA, NASCAR, MMA, Soccer or even the CFL. So you can pick your sport of interest or the one you know the most about and get started.

For those not familiar with how things work, here’s all you really need to know to get started.

Get Registered

This is extremely easy to do. Just go to their webpage (Draftkings or Fanduel), or download their app. When registering as a new user you’ll need to enter some basic information and also create a username and password. Pick an interesting username since it will be with your account for life and is what will be seen by other users. Your password should also be secure since your account will be funded with real money.

Make an Initial Deposit

To get started playing, you’ll need some money to work with. Call this your bankroll if you want and deposit whatever you’re comfortable with. You call always add more later. There are multiple electronic ways to fund your account but a credit card is the most popular.

Visit the Lobby

Once your account is funded, you can start using those funds to enter any number of contests. So head to the lobby, select your sport of choice, and see a list of contests. Believe it or not, you can play games for as little as 10 cents to as much as hundreds of dollars. Of course, the payouts are also adjusted accordingly. 

Create Your Team

You will have a budgeted amount to use to select players for your roster. Better players will cost more and marginal players less. The goal is to find the right mix and to hit on a couple under the radar players who have a great game and give you more fantasy points than expected. When playing in large field tournaments, that can be the difference between cashing and winning big or not cashing at all.

Make Adjustments Before Contest Locks

This is an important thing for new players to remember. Make a point of checking your lineup as close to contest lock as possible. Each contest will give you a start time which is considered the contest lock. However, some contests will allow you to make changes as long as you have a player with a later start time, but just for those players. What you want to do is make sure one of your players has not been scratched at the last minute. That can kill your lineup. Also, check for weather issues that could postpone a game. Baseball is a prime example.

So if you’re looking to start playing DFS, it’s really that simple. Funds can be added or withdrawn at anytime. Playing DFS can definitely add to your interest in sports and possibly win you a little money along the way. Enjoy.

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